LARS Research Institute, Inc.



LARS Research Institute offers a wide range of professional services aimed toward helping our clients develop, incorporate, and apply the latest behavioral science technology. Toward this end, we work toward sharing knowledge, skills, information, and techniques. Based on previous consultations, we have learned a great deal about the unique nature of scientific collaboration. As a result, we developed a specialized platform on which to construct our company relations and service skills. We call this program “THINK.”

THINK is an acronym that stands for:

think* Technology

* Helping

* Ideas

* Networking

* Knowledge Diffusion


Each part of the THINK process represents the very best of our skills and staff resources.


We specialize in technology transfer, imparting technical knowledge on how things get done in the world of science. One of the stronger features of our research staff is our ability to attend to details, bringing a rich set of training skills and professional acumen to our clients. All of our staff has advanced graduate degrees in various areas and applications useful for behavioral sciences including health promotion, clinical, educational, and developmental psychology, computer sciences, and statistical methodology.


The unique nature of working with scientists and members of research groups has taught us that helping our  clients has unique demands and special rewards. Demands include understanding our clients’ needs within their own work environment. Oftentimes, we actually perform services for our clients at their facility, introducing a highly specialized quality to our services. Working with scientists we also have realized the unique nature of ownership of ideas, collaboration, and consultation. Broadly speaking, we have developed very highly specialized agreements in principle that allow our clients the security of knowing their scientific endeavors will remain secure and protected at the same time we infuse assistance and help them marshal their resources. Specific experiences over the past decade has shown our staff that collaboration has very distinct meanings to different groups and so we build our helping skills on a case by case basis, designing contracts and agreements one step at a time.


The rewards of collaborative research include sharing ideas and technology. Ideas often take time to percolate and the rich rewards that accompany consulting services is in part the joy of knowing you have helped someone bring a product, service, or idea to market. With product sharing, proprietary, licensing, and copyright agreements in place, free exchange of ideas often leads to long-lasting collaboration, publication, and long-term funding. Many of our clients use the information exchange between LARS and their company as a springboard to develop new programs or research agendas that arise from fruitful collaboration.


We make sure to connect you with the latest data, the most recent empirical evidence, and the best technology to help address your needs. Most importantly, we provide a vast store of knowledge and information that teaches you how to connect with the right people so that you too can generate science at the highest levels. We have gathered information on scientists throughout the US and abroad involved in a wide variety of disciplines related to drug and alcohol prevention, violence, teenage pregnancy, high school dropout, juvenile delinquency, suicide, and related adolescent and young adult behaviors (high-risk sexual behaviors). We can put you in touch with the right scientists, help you obtain needed information, and connect you with the very latest scientific findings even before they hit the press. Getting a chance to see the “event” horizon even before it occurs oftentimes helps point clients in the right direction.


Perhaps the most important component of our THINK program is to get the knowledge our clients develop on the open market where it can be both profitable and shared by the general public. Knowledge diffusion uses numerous channels including both large and small scale government vehicles, inroads at the community level, national syndicated newspapers, scientific publications, the internet, and a vast array of personal channels that help you gain notoriety.


In addition to these core skills, we also help clients prepare, edit, and submit grants for state, federal, and private non-profit funding. Our writing editorial services have an excellent track record leading several groups to successful publications in the most reputable behavioral science journals as well as obtain successful NIH funding.