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Grant Writing

Grant Writing Workshops

LARS Grant Training Flyer [Download]


LARS staff provides intensive one and two-day grant training workshops to help you learn the ropes of Federal grants and State contract applications. The “immersion” trainings are conducted on-site at your designated location. We cover different approaches how to structure research ideas, the specific “do’s and don’ts” of grant writing, the necessary steps to formulating a standout research plan, expert use of consultants, different ways to showcase environmental strengths, and classic ways to showcase investigator merit. Highly specialized management training techniques help participants learn more about networking and collaborative team work. At the end of the training, participants will have a clear idea of what it takes to be “competitive” in today’s grant world and possess the “tools” of the trade for writing successful grants. Participants receive a comprehensive package of information showing them how to compose well-written abstracts that provide a “hook” to reviewers, highlight the significance of their application, use “power words” to showcase specific aims, detail attractive research hypotheses, present organized preliminary findings and structure a state-of-the-art methodologically sound research design. The hands-on interactive workshop covers “tips” and “strategies” that only someone from inside the NIH peer “review” process would be able to know.

For more information on the costs of workshops and availability of trainings in your area, please call (702) 630-7584 or contact us by email: References for past trainings provided upon request.