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General cheap designer handbags UK you may be able to distinguish one out , but if it is the shape and the price can be as real high imitation goods it? According to the British " Daily Mail" reported on December 24 , those close to the original terms of high imitation cottage package has quietly into the city this holiday season often

It is reported that 150 to 300 yuan to spread the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Replica , due to its high imitation of appearance,Louis Vuitton replica handbags will be the price 3000-9000 yuan sold to customers. Although this price is not low , but only about 20% of the price of genuine , so the city is still very often experts, generally by examining some of the details may help identify true and false , such as the number and grid lines inside the hot oil lining. But faced with high imitation products , the experts admitted that high imitation goods has gone beyond this level, hardly a professional eye can deceive.

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